Melbourne's great eyesore, demolishing the 1960s Gas and Fuel Corporation buildings which obstructed a vista of heritage buildings along Flinders Street including St Paul's Cathedral to make way for Federation Square.

Gas & Fuel Corporation building, seen from above Young & Jackson's Hotel, Flinders Street, Melbourne - St Paul's Cathedral - Culture Victoria

1903: Crowds of shoppers throng Smith Street, Collingwood in the area near Foy and Gibson's. Further down the street are Treadway's drapers, the post office, T. E. Jones bootshop and The Hall. Trams go in both directions, elegantly dressed women hurry back and forth across the road and the kerbs are lined with horses and carriages. The huge Foy and Gibson shop has an elaborate facade built over its verandah and dominates the streetscape.

1903 Christmas and New Year shopping in Smith Street Fitzroy/Collingwood…

Coles Cafeteria

The Coles Cafeteria, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. My mum used to take the three of us aged under 5 there once a week for lunch.

Under the Clocks A long un-used part of Flinders St Station, Melbourne

In the lead-up to this year’s opening of the Flinders Street Station Design Competition, Broadsheet gains access to the station’s abandoned spaces.