Pin 1. This pin depicts the principles, practices and outcomes in the Belonging…

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7 Quality Areas.  explaining to families

As part of the Quality Improvement Plan, the team at Steel St have worked together to develop an attractive foyer which will be welcoming but also informative. simple and effective.

Relationships are the heart of early childhood education

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Portfolio info

An introduction letter we made (Portfolio Template CD) for families to help them understand the purpose of a portfolio and how they can contribute.

Maximising children's potential through Inclusion: The EYLF - Getting Started By Joy Goodfellow (Early Childhood Australia)

For many of us who missed the recent EYLF training with PSCWA, Joy Goodfellow did a wonderful introduction to the framework.

From 'Let the children play: Nature’s answer to early learning'

From 'Let the children play: Nature’s answer to early learning' once again reminding parents of the importance of PLAY.


A Sense of Agency: Making our thoughts visible through the use of a variety of materials