We had very similar bedspreads. Says paperwoman: love these blue and white textiles, ideal for summer, reminds me of Yang's

Japanese Patterns - blue and white

Minakani - a Paris textile design studio

Minakani - a Paris textile design studio play with transparency impression using colour

Georgia Loveridge - Print, BA Textile Design

Georgia Loveridge (Hons BA) Textile Design - Chelsea College of Arts - UAL

Textiles by Laura Slater HelenSlantPinkOrange

Inspiration: Textiles by Laura Slater

IMPRINT project V - www.ninawarmerdam.com

Nina Warmerdam print, Imprint project V

Arro Home

Arro Home

Arro Home Sketchbook Throw, Sketchbook Floor Cushion, Bowties Cushion, Microscope Cushion


Gypsy River of wear & color

nani IRO

Freedom Garden- Nani iro This website have the coolest fabrics!

Waterblooms Crewelwork Rug - anthropologie.eu

Waterblooms Rug - this is from Anthro. I like rugs that don't have geometric and symmetrical patterns. I like botanical prints like this with lots of different colors.

Ikat Rebozos from Chiapas, Mexico

Ikat Rebozos from Chiapas, Mexico

Mexico is known for beautifully embroidered and handwoven clothing. Ours come from Puebla, Oaxaca, Chiapas and Michoacán.



theories-of:  pop of color for Aspen haus

Carpet, third century, 200 x 127 cm, Boujad (market town), Middle…