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This is by far my favourite cake ever! Every time it's my birthday, I request this Thermomix Raspberry & Ricotta Cake (or actually I usually make it myself! It's so perfect on it's own. but I love it warmed up with a little ice-cream or cream too!

Ready to feed your baby something more than sweet potato mush and pureed peas? Jump right into finger foods with a dozen recipes designed for tiny diners.

How to colour all sorts of sensory bin items including Epsom salt, hay, barley and others.

Blueberry, Pear and Banana Puree - You can add banana to this recipe or in summer try the combination of blueberry, pear and peach. If the puree is very runny you can thicken it with some baby cereal or some crushed rusk.

This Wagon Wheel Slice features a soft biscuit base topped with a layer or raspberry jam, white fluffy marshmallow and dark chocolate.