Messy Veggies

Messy Veggies
Melbourne / Every recipe is Gluten Free and Vegan just so you don't have to think when you make one.
Messy Veggies
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Zen Ramen Delicious Vegan Noodle Bowl - Messy Veggies

We all love a good Vegan Noodle Bowl, right? But here is the problem, well for us celiacs anyway, most ramen noodles have wheat in the noodle.

Lentil Bolognaise - Messy Veggies

This Lentil Bolognaise is one of our favourite dishes for leftovers. I mean we love it for just itself also, But it is incredibly versatile too.

Best Lentil Pizza

This lentil pizza is the brain wave of my wonderful wife, Jaime. It is probably the best pizza I have ever made and I want to make it again right now!

Vegan Quesadillas

Time to make some Vegan Quesadillas! I'll start by saying a huge thanks to for the idea to make Quesadillas.

Unicorn Toast - The Vegan version - Messy Veggies

Unicorn toast is a thing but this is the vegan version. Think colourful, crazy, healthy bread thats gluten free and delicious.

Triple T Totes Tropical Tasty Smoothie

Triple T - Totes Tropical Tasty Smoothie - Messy Veggies

Vegan Almond Power Balls

Everybody loves snacks right? Well then, these Vegan Almond Power Balls are perfect.

Best Vegan Yellow Curry ****** Click for Full Gluten Free Vegan Recipe!******

This Vegan Yellow Curry is just something we kind of made up. It did turn out to be one of the best Yellow Curries we have ever had.