aboriginal art

Ms Maggie Mo's Australian Aboriginal hand project: spray hand with thinned white or black tempera, student paints dots with sticks. I showed 1988 Nat Geo Aborigine video of Gagadju Aborigines blowing paint from mouths over hands

Wombat Paper Plate Craft for Kids from www.daniellesplace.com

Loads of tutorials for Australian animal craft ideas and related storybook suggestions from Danielle's Place, including this cute paper plate wombat.

Australia: Outback Sunset Painting... This would be awesome with any animal silhouette

What a beautiful Australian Outback sunset painting. Kids could paint the watercolour sky, and then stick on pre-cut kangaroo silhouettes. From Michaels Canada.

Children’s Book Week 2016 - Educational Activities to support Australia: Story Country

Children’s Book Week 2016 - Educational Activities

Gallery for Outback Theme - Check Out the Props and Other Unique Items | Phenomenon

Looking for styling elements for your Outback themed event? Visit our gallery and see unique items that will give you a true Aussie outback experience!