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Gorgeous telecaster

Gorgeous telecaster

EMBRACE+, a smart piece of wearable technology | Imagine sitting in an meeting and knowing from the color of your bracelet who called or texted you without taking out your phone and seeming rude | Kickstart concept of the week.

EMBRACE+, a smart piece of wearable technology by Paul & Rudy — Kickstarter. The EMBRACE+ keeps you informed, while your smartphone stays in your pocket or purse!

Schatzii on OpenSkyThe T-BONE 3 in 1 Car Charger with 2 USB PORTS + Power Bank + LED Torch Flashlight.  All in One High Capacity 2600 mAh Rechargeable Battery with 2 USB Ports (Fast and Slow Charge Side) that charges while in your car.  Fits any cigarette lighter. Super bright LED Torch Flashlight, LED Power Indicator Lights so you know how much power you have in the battery.  This one has it all.

T-BONE All in One Mobile Accessory - Car Charger w/ 2 USB Ports + Power Bank + LED Torch Flashlight. Charges in the car, take it on the go.

Your flash drives could display the files they contain. | 19 Genius Improvements To Everyday Products

View files on flash drive screen. No computer needed. U Transfer USB stick eliminates the need for using a computer as a medium to transfer information from one stick to another. It is equipped with a.