Grain-Free Almond Flour Banana Bread. This banana bread gets rave reviews! The BEST almond flour banana bread. Plus, no oils or processed sugars are needed for this recipe. -Live Simply

Almond Flour Banana Bread

The best Almond Flour Banana Bread. Perfectly moist, naturally-sweetened, and absolutely delicious. The perfect banana bread made with almond flour.

Love jam but hate the sugar? Try out our sugar-free Raspberry Chia Jam.

Raspberry Chia Jam

Raspberry Chia Jam / I Quit Sugar (Raspberries, fresh or frozen, 1 tablespoon rice malt syrup, chia seeds)

Paleo Banana Bread recipe made easily in a blender using almond flour and pure maple syrup

Paleo Banana Bread

BLAT Breakfast Tacos via @iquitsugar

BLAT Breakfast Tacos

Bite-sized choccy delights, topped with peanut butter and jam? Yes, please!

Choccy PB+J in your ice cube tray!