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a pair of blue jean shorts with colorful flowers on them and crayons in the background
50 Times People Embroidered Something So Stunning, It Had To Be Shared On This Group
several pieces of embroidered fabric with flowers and leaves on them, including one piece of brooch
Discover 9 Useful Embroidery Blogs That You Should Follow
two embroidery hoops with scissors and thread on the table next to eachother
043+044/100 mama and baby. the same flowers on a 4” and an 8” hoop. #the100d... » All Ideen 2019-2020 - Michelle Gaines
a black and white flower embroidered on a wooden hoop
Delicate Hoop Art Embroidery Blossoming with Floral Motifs
multiple images of different colored objects on display
House Decoration Idea
three embroidery hoops with butterflies and beads on them, one is made to look like a bee
Craft With Conscience: Humayrah Bint Altaf — Sarah K. Benning Contemporary Embroidery