Recycled Timber

Interior: Reclaimed Wood Stairs: wood spiral stairs save space and made from reclaimed wood which is also a green feature


ACHROMATIC colour, these colours are not shown on the colour wheel

Laminex Impressions Textured

Isn't there are bench top solution that will look great for years to come without the hassle? Luckily, there is! Take a look at our top 5 low-maintenance kitchen bench tops.

Laminex Impressions Domain Nuance finish.

Steamer, oven and dishwasher cabinetry Laminex Impressions Domain Nuance finish.

Polytec - Natural Oak Embossed

POLYTEC NATURAL OAK RAVINE – A true European yellow-brown oak wood grain with wide planking that shows diverse grain depth and colour.

Polytec - Drifted Oak - Embossed

polytec ravine drifted oak A weathered oak wood grain in grey tones with a white wash.

Polytec - Satra Wood Embossed

POLYTEC SATRA WOOD RAVINE – A realistic straw coloured wood with straight grain and a feature brown-black random grain line.

Zepel Fabrics - Coastal Sheers

The Coastal Sheers Collection showcases a beautiful range of Linen look alike sheers designed to inspire a light and airy feel.

Titanium Oak WAX

Titanium Oak WAX

Formica Flooring in Ironbark

Formica Flooring in Ironbark

Cote d'Este Kerlite Metal

The items of Kerlite Metal are just mm thick. This collection of slim porcelain tiles by Cotto d'Este renders the surface of metal. Corten and Iron featuring six variations

Oak Noir

Oak Noir