Homeschool Statistics in Australia

Homeschooling statistics Australia show that home education is growing at a rapid rate. Why are they homeschooling & where are they doing it?

Cost of homeschooling in Australia

What is the cost of homeschooling? Find out what you need to budget for when homeschooling.

Find resources and support groups for Christian homeschooling in Australia

What are your options for Christian homeschooling in Australia? Find where to look for advice, support & Australian resources.

Tips for getting registered to homeschool in Qld - Queensland

Cooktown is a small town and locality in the Shire of Cook, Queensland, Cooktown is located about kilometres mi) north of Brisbane and 328 kilometres mi) north of Cairns, by road. At the time of the 2011 census, Cooktown had a population of

Tips for getting registered to homeschool in NSW

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Australian National Curriculum homeschool guides and outcome lists

Incorporating the Australian National Curriculum into your Australian homeschool curriculum is made easier with our guides, outcomes list & products.

Homeschooling In Australia

Learn from a real homeschooler about homeschooling in Australia so you can understand the basic facts & make informed decisions for homeschooling Australia.

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