Australian National Curriculum homeschool guides and outcome lists

Incorporating the Australian National Curriculum into your Australian homeschool curriculum is made easier with our guides, outcomes list & products.

Find resources and support groups for Christian homeschooling in Australia

What are your options for Christian homeschooling in Australia? Find where to look for advice, support & Australian resources.

Cost of homeschooling in Australia

What is the cost of homeschooling? Find out what you need to budget for when homeschooling. Our list includes a summary of costs using different methods.

Tips for getting registered to homeschool in NSW

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Homeschool Statistics in Australia

Homeschooling statistics Australia show that home education is growing at a rapid rate. Why are they homeschooling & where are they doing it?

Homeschooling In Australia

Learn from a real homeschooler about homeschooling in Australia so you can understand the basic facts & make informed decisions for homeschooling Australia.