Australian Homeschool Curriculum Guides and Outcomes Lists

Incorporating the Australian National Curriculum into your Australian homeschool curriculum is made easier with our guides, outcomes list & products.

How to make a homeschool portfolio

Homeschooling Queensland is legal & easy to start. Find info on: part-time schooling, removing kids from school, what to teach, & submitting documentation.

Do you need a planner? Look at these pretty homeschool pages.

Our Pretty Homeschool Planner will help organise your homeschool records.

Quick overview to help you understand the essentials of homeschooling.

An Australian how to homeschool book for new homeschoolers written by an experienced homeschool mum of 13 years.

One year of workboxes

Well this is our one year anniversary of using Sue Patricks Workbox System and workboxes.

Curriculum Guide For Australian Homeschoolers

Australian homeschool curriculum guide adapted from the Australian National Curriculum. Written for eclectic & Charlotte Mason homeschoolers.

Homeschool Consultant services Australia

Homeschool Consultant services Australia