Fresh Ham with Honey and Cloves from Saveur.  Alternatively:  1 cup packed light brown sugar, 2 tablespoons mustard, 1/4 tsp ground cloves, 3/4 cup of crushed pineapple. 1.Combine sugar, cloves, mustard and pineapple with it's juice. Remove ham 30 min (prepare ham according to package directions ) before baking ends. Score top of ham in criss-cross pattern. Coat ham with glaze and return ham to oven. Baste every 10 min.

Fresh Ham with Honey and Cloves

This feast-worthy dish calls for fresh ham—a succulent cut from the pig's hind leg that yields crisp skin and juicy meat—glossed with a honey–port wine glaze.

Holiday Ham Is the Real Christmas Miracle - Bon Appétit

10 Christmas Ham Recipes We Go HAM Over

The traditional boozy glaze is punched up in this rendition with honey, molasses, and brassy red chiles. Honey and rye glazed ham recipe.

cheat’s glazed ham

Glazed Ham: cooked in a delicious glaze of orange juice, brown sugar, spices and port. I made this last year and it was a huge hit!

Jamie Oliver's Jerk Seasoning - I made the marinade & put it on chicken before roasting

Jamie's jerk ham

Jamie's jerk ham in a sticky chilli glaze This sweet and spicy glazed ham is seriously addictive. Any leftovers make brilliant cold cuts Get the.

sugar-and-spice-glazed ham 3kg leg of ham 1½ cups (265g) brown sugar ¼ cup (60ml) sherry vinegar ¼ teaspoon mixed spice ¼ cup cloves

sugar-and-spice-glazed ham leg of ham cups brown sugar ¼ cup sherry vinegar ¼ teaspoon mixed spice ¼ cup cloves

Jerky ham hocks - this is my go-to ham hock recipe.  Tweaks to the marinade would make it paleo friendly

Jerky ham hocks

Check out Jamie's twist on a classic ham hock recipe; Jerky ham hocks are great in sandwiches and salads with a spicy jerk seasoning.

Jerk ham.   I am definitely making this. YUM!

There are so many rituals around Christmas, and while I love tradition, I also think it's nice to add an extra element to the menu to kick things up a bit

Pineapple-Mustard-Glazed Ham - Martha Stewart Recipes

Pineapple-Mustard-Glazed Ham

The iconic Easter ham gets an enticing update with a new-fashioned glaze of country mustard and fresh pineapple. The roasted fruit tastes like candy and is irresistible. Along with the mustard, it creates a sweet yet savory glaze and sauce to complement e

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Glazed ham

Australian Gourmet Traveller Christmas recipe for golden ale and honey-glazed easy-carve ham. Unfortunately, we won't have the pool in the back ground - next year!

See the "Glazed Ham with Horseradish Cream" in our Easter Main Dishes gallery

Glazed Ham with Horseradish Cream

Easter Main Dishes: Glazed Ham with Horseradish Cream A spicy-sweet glaze of honey, fresh horseradish, and allspice helps burnish and crisp the skin of this sumptuous bone-in ham.

Guy Grossi: Honey-glazed ham

Guy Grossi: Honey-glazed ham

Apricot and Ginger Glazed Ham from @Saveur Magazine. If anyone is disappointed in this ham, it's because he or she didn't get any. Found at

A glaze made with apricot and ginger adds a sweet note to salty roasted ham.

Spice-crusted ham with mango salsa - Gourmet Traveller

Spice-crusted ham with mango salsa