CONCEPT: Habitat

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two pieces of paper with wire attached to them on a black background, one piece is white and the other part is brown
ViVO Contemporary art gallery of Santa Fe local artists
two photographs of an intricately designed building with trees growing out of the top and bottom
interview with kory bieg on text-to-image generators & the future of AI in design
an animal's skin with holes in it
Detail of side section showing seared circular pattern
a piece of art made out of corals sitting on top of a white surface
White Threaded Drawings 2017
Aviva Alter
a piece of wood that has been cut in half and is being displayed on the wall
Topeka Competition 29 / Betsy Knabe Roe
Topeka Competition 29 / Betsy Knabe Roe | by Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library
a painting with a tree in the middle and an empty piece of paper behind it
L'ALBERO E LA SUA IMPRONTA - Sculpture by Paolo Albertelli Mariagrazia Abbaldo, Italy