CONCEPT: River Runs Through

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an aerial view of the beach with yellow sand and water in the foreground, taken from above
Amazing pictures show California’s salt flats
a boat made out of branches on a white background
You searched for mcqueen
You searched for mcqueen -
three paintings hanging on the wall with roots attached to them
creative development -
How top textile artists price their work -
an abstract painting with black and white shapes on it's side, hanging on the wall
Gallery 1 — Simone Polk
Gallery 1 — Simone Polk
a bench sitting in front of a wall with artwork on it's sides and another bench to the side
Ceramic Fine Artist | Chris Gryder Ceramics
Ecliptic, Wilson Museum I love this artist statement:"I create sculptural ceramic objects that engage with a deep sense of time and history; a geological time and the time of civilizations. There is a visceral joy, a complete indulgence in tactile geometric form that evokes a world where wonder still reigns. A place at the edge of the wild." Chris Gryder
a drawing of two boats sitting on top of a white wall next to each other
Debbie Lyddon: Responding to environment -
Debbie Lyddon: Responding to environment
a piece of art that looks like it has been made out of wood and metal
Equisymbrium 2 by gryderware, via Flickr