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an abstract painting with green, white and red colors on the wall in a room
Kunst | eine Art Galerie Lidia Krettek | Nürtingen
@eineartgalerie #abstract #art #kunst #modern #eineartgalerie
an abstract painting with red, white and black shapes on it's paper background
DIY Folded Paper Hearts For Valentine's Day
a person is doing art work on paper
Pencils scribbles are my secret weapon in my art practice!
I’m pretty sure loose pencil scribbles are my secret weapon. 😏 When it comes to creating art: 1. It helps me to loosen up and start getting in the flow of creating. 2. It brings an organic messiness to the spread. 3. It takes away that blank page anxiety. Tips from Brooke Henry from BB Henry Art
an abstract painting with black, white and red colors
Continually Torn Apart
an art project with watercolors on paper and paintbrushes next to it
CeeCee (@creationsceecee) • Instagram photos and videos
an open book with orange and black paint on it's pages that says, day 1 take five
Nicola Young Art (@ragtagmagpie1658) • Instagram photos and videos
a piece of art with red and white paint on it that says, day 13 wild ideas
Sketchbook page
Bold, simplified painting prompt
an open book with red and white designs on it
Sketchbook page
Creative journal