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four balls in the middle of a field with snow covered mountains in the back ground
the poetry of material things
focus-damnit: “Four Spheres, Chris Drury(via Contemporary Basketry) ”
a woman laying on top of a sandy beach next to footprints in the sand and holding her hand out
a sandy beach covered in lots of sand next to the ocean
Sea Squares by Natasha Carsberg
several objects are laying on the sand and there is no image in this page to describe
two mounds of dirt in the middle of an empty desert
Land Arts of the American West - The Art - Field
two people standing in the middle of an area with circles drawn on it and one holding a stick
Dance Sculpture! Wanås Konst opens a new season of exhibitions May 18 – November 2, 2014.
In 2014 sculpture, dance and choreography meet and merge at Wanås. Artists build towers, create
a black and white photo of trees in the woods with an image of a rectangle
Love this concept
a series of black and white poles sticking out of the ground
What is Art? Definition and Characteristics of Art
a person sleeping on a bench in the woods
Forest Noise amplifier
a woman standing in front of a brick wall on top of a street next to a parking lot
Spontaneous sculptures - IGNANT
Spontaneous sculptures - IGNANT