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All dinner ideas for when you want something extra yummy! Maybe for a special occasion, for the weekend, a dinner party or just because you deserve a dinner…
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how to fry turkey wings in foil with text overlay that reads how to fry turkey wings
How to Fry Turkey Wings
Learn how to fry Turkey Wings. Turkey wings are considerably larger than chicken wings, so it is important you have an appropriately sized skillet for frying. I use my largest cast iron skillet for this recipe. It is not only large enough to accommodate multiple wings, but it also has tall sides to contain the oil.
three different types of bread tacos with text overlay that reads simple fry bread tacos
Simple Fry Bread Tacos
These simple fry bread tacos are the perfect way to shake up taco night. Made with just 3 ingredients, this fry bread is easy to make, is soft and pillowy on the inside with a lightly crisp outside. Top your individual fry bread shells with taco meat, refried beans and all the taco toppings you like.
a plate with chicken, potatoes and mushrooms on it
Restaurant-Style Smothered Chicken With Mushrooms
This restaurant-style smothered chicken with mushrooms is a simple recipe with big flavor! Moist, flavorful chicken smothered in mushrooms and onions, all drenched in thick and tasty gravy! You don't have to follow a million steps to achieve homemade smothered chicken. Ready in 35 minutes with a 1-hr or up to overnight marinade.
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the best taco pasta bake recipe is made with fresh ingredients and ready to be eaten
The Easiest Taco Pasta Bake
This is the easiest taco bake pasta bake you'll ever make! You won't believe how simple this casserole is to make, but it is also packed with cheesy taco flavor! Made with salsa, ground beef, cheese, and taco seasoning! Bake or make on the stove top. Perfect for busy weeknights!
healthy coconut curry shrimp in a pan with chopsticks and cilantro on the side
Coconut Curry Shrimp Recipe
Fill your kitchen with the tantalizing aromas of cumin, ginger, curry, and coconut milk. Coconut curry shrimp is a popular and healthy recipe from Thailand that you can make right at home!
the best bolognesiane sauce is made with ground beef and vegetables
Bolognese Sauce
Make the ultimate complement to your pasta with this Bolognese Sauce—savory beef and vegetables in a rich tomato sauce.
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a white plate topped with beef and peppers next to rice
Hearty Pepper Steak Rice Bowl
This hearty pepper steak rice bowl is a super easy 30-minute meal. Made with bite-sized pieces of steak that are seared and then cooked in a thicken, gravy-like sauce flavored with beef and vegetable stock, bell peppers, onion and tomato, seasoned with garlic, pepper and spices.
mexican tamales recipe with shredded meat on top and in the middle, next to an image of authentic mexican tamales
Authentic Mexican Tamales
These authentic Mexican tamales are packed with spicy red chile sauce and flavorful, tender pork. This comforting recipe is made with traditional flavor and is sure to be a family favorite. Don't worry these red pork tamales are much easier than you can imagine. Take a look!
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a hamburger with cheese and lettuce on it
Hawaiian Teriyaki Burger
Fresh, grilled pineapple and a homemade teriyaki sauce top this tender, juicy Hawaiian Teriyaki Burger infused with vegetables and ginger. #grilling #cooking #easyrecipes #burger #teriyakisauce
spanish mussels with chorizo and wine in a bowl next to bread
Spanish Mussels Recipe
If you're looking for an amazing meal that is quick to cook, full of flavor and perfect for family and for entertaining, this is it. These Spanish style mussels with chorizo are amazing and easy to make.
a bowl filled with meat and vegetables next to bowls of rice, peppers, avocado
Weeknight Chicken Burrito Bowls
Sheet Pan Chicken Burrito Bowls are a quick 30-minute dinner! A combo of tender chicken and fajita veggies are all cooked on one sheet pan for easy cleanup and then turned into perfect burrito bowls with all of your favorite toppings!
asparagus, pea and pancetta pasta with parmesan cheese on top
Asparagus Pea and Pancetta Pasta
Asparagus Pea and Pancetta Pasta is a fresh, delicious recipe that's easy to get on the table! Serve it alongside a salad for a great meal. Asparagus Pea and Pancetta Pasta | Asparagus Pasta | Pasta | Pasta Recipes | Pasta Dishes | Pasta Dinner Recipes | Pasta Primavera | Pancetta Recipes | Pancetta Pasta | Pancetta and Peas Pasta | Pancetta Pasta Recipes | Pancetta Pea Pasta | Spring Recipes Dinner | Spring Recipes | Spring Recipes Easy | Spring Recipes for a Crowd
easy skillet sweet corn focaccia recipe made with fresh corn and no flour
Cornbread Focaccia in the Skillet (Made with Fresh Sweet Corn) - All Purpose Veggies
A cross between cornbread and focaccia bread, can you imagine? This yeasted skillet cornbread focaccia recipe is chewy, hearty and full of flavor, thanks to the star ingredient: fresh sweet corn. No eggs, milk or butter are required in this recipe, so it’s vegan friendly, with no sugar added. I love to add these thick square slices in a bread basket, toasted and warm, or wedged into a bowl of soup or salad as a satisfying accompaniment. #cornbread #focacciabread #healthybread #veganbread
two sandwiches with the words phily cheese steak sloppy joes on top and below
Easy Philly Cheese Steak Sloppy Joes (Ground Beef)
10 minutes prep to these tasty Philly Cheese Steak Sloppy Joes! Made with ground beef, peppers, and onions in a smokey, thick sauce, topped with melty cheese! A ground beef Philly cheesesteak, if you will! A messy mashup that breaks the mold and takes the traditional Sloppy Joe to new levels!
a collage of different dishes with the words flexible dinner menu on top and below
Flexible Monthly Dinner Menu
A flexible monthly dinner menu is a new approach to menu planning that will greatly simplify your life. A 30-day meal plan is just really hard to make work especially for busy families who have schedules that differ every day, week-to-week. Check out my revolutionary new menu planning system, with free printable menu.
red beans and rice in a bowl New Orleans, Friends, Cajun Cooking, New Orleans Recipes, Easy Cajun, Red Beans, Cajun, Andouille Sausage
New Orleans Red Beans & Rice
Authentic New Orleans recipe. Make perfectly seasoned creamy red beans with tender andouille sausage served with hot fluffy rice. Easy Cajun Red Beans and Rice. #newolreanscuisine #redbeansandrice #cajuncooking #kippiathome ...
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the ingredients for boursin cheese pasta in bowls
Boursin Cheese Pasta
Vegetarian comfort food made easy! This Boursin pasta is rich, flavorful, and ready in a flash.
sushi rolls with cucumber and avocado are on a white plate
California Roll
This California Roll is just like the one you’d find at your favorite sushi place! It’s filled with creamy avocado, sweet crabmeat, and crunchy cucumber for the perfect mix of texture and flavor in every bite. Follow the link to my step-by-step guide and make your own California rolls at home!
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a bowl filled with shrimp and pasta on top of a wooden table next to a fork
Creamy Spaghetti with Shrimps - The Missing Lokness
Creamy Spaghetti w/ Shrimps | A comforting pasta dish for busy weeknight. Rich & creamy! #pasta #easyrecipe #comfortfood #creamsauce #shallot #dinner #dinnerrecipe #spaghetti #weeknight | The Missing Lokness
salmon with lemons and parsley on top served over rice in a white bowl
Easy Baked Herb Crusted Salmon
You're going to LOVE this easy salmon recipe! Packed with flavor from the herb mixture and baked to perfection! This easy baked herb crusted salmon is guaranteed to impress. It doesn't get tastier or easier than this salmon recipe! Plus, it's ready in under 35 minutes! #tasty #easy #healthy #seafood #salmon #delicous #maindish #salmonrecipes #bbqrecipes #grillingrecipes
quick and easy spicy orange ginger slaw for salmon burgers is the perfect side dish
Spicy Orange Ginger Slaw (for Salmon Burgers)
Easy recipe for a spicy orange ginger slaw perfect for topping your salmon burgers! Also great when served as a side dish for seafood, pork, chicken, or beef. This summer salad slaw recipe is full of flavor.
chicken, tomatoes and mashed potatoes on a white plate with the title pan - seared
Pan-Seared Chilean Sea Bass
This pan-seared Chilean sea bass is an easy and healthy recipe that you are going to love! The sea bass has a perfect seared golden crust paired iwth a light shallot butter sauce. This seared sea bass works for gluten free and low sodium diets. Plus, it is one pan dish in under 20 minutes!
bbq pork souvlaki on a white platter with parsley
BBQ Pork Souvlaki with Grilled Lemons & Tzatziki
This recipe for Pork Souvlaki with BBQ Sauce, Grilled Lemons & Tzatziki is super delicious. I used boneless pork chops, peppers, onions and BBQ sauce for both the marinade and glaze. I sprinkled the souvlaki with grilled & charred lemons and served with a Tzatziki sauce & pita bread!
a white plate topped with meat covered in gravy next to a christmas tree
Red Wine Braised Beef Shank Recipe
This easy and simple oven-baked beef shank dinner recipe promises juicy, tender, and flavorful results. We've revamped the classic comforting meal by using a modern cut of beef – the Thor’s Hammer beef shank. Slowly simmered in a rich red wine braising liquid with savory veggies and herbs, this dish is a delightful twist on a wholesome dinner favorite. Save this delicious meat recipe!
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mexican stuffed peppers with meat and cheese in them
Cinco de Mayo Mexican Stuffed Peppers
Cinco de Mayo Mexican Stuffed Peppers have a hearty filling of seasoned beef, beans, rice and cheese, Make this easy recipe for a protein-packed meal! Whether you make them with a filling of ground beef, chicken, or quinoa, stuffed bell peppers are easy to make, economical, and incredibly delicious! The classic recipe uses a filling of taco seasoned ground beef, rice, and tomatoes or tomato sauce and lots of cheese. Those fillings are tasty, but there are plenty of other ways to prepare a dish like this.
a pan filled with steaks and lemon wedges on top of gravy
Impossibly Tender Rosemary Roasted Lamb Chops! - Well Seasoned Studio
Tender, unbelievably juicy rosemary roasted lamb chops are cooked in a citrus marinade, then roasted until crispy! A family favorite!
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a piece of pizza being lifted from a pan with cheese and sauce on it,
Easy Sausage Gnocchi Recipe - with Tomato Sauce (30 Minute Meal)
Easy Sausage Gnocchi Recipe - with Tomato Sauce (30 Minute Meal)
the best recipe for sunday pork roast with gravy
Sunday Pork Roast with Gravy
This delicious pork roast with gravy recipe is great for Sunday dinner. Roast cooks up moist and tender and the gravy compliments it perfectly. Recipe for perfectly cooked pork roast and easy mushroom gravy included.
pork carnitas tacos on a white plate with cilantro and tomatoes
Pork Carnitas
Juicy pork is seasoned with citrus and spices to create ultra-flavorful Mexican inspired Pork Carnitas! Make these delicious pork carnitas tacos for a quick dinner, or throw it in a burrito bowl for an easy lunch!
Pesto Chicken Lasagna – Real Food with Sarah
Serve this pesto chicken lasagna for a holiday party or weeknight dinner straight from the baking dish. Filled with basil, parmesan, lemon, bechamel sauce and loads of melted mozzarella cheese it's a winning dinner recipe.
a close up of a slice of quiche on a plate with text overlay
Easy Chili Relleno Casserole Recipe
Your family will love this easy CHILE RELLENO CASSEROLE! You only need 6 ingredients to make this Mexican flavored cheesy casserole. Perfect for brunch or dinner! #chilerellenocasserole #chilirellenocasserole @Creations by Kara
baked italian sausage casserole with cheese and sauce
Baked Ziti from The Food Charlatan
This recipe for the best Baked Ziti is a huge favorite! Italian sausage marinara, cottage cheese, and fresh basil combine to make this decadent casserole. The best part is the mozzarella that is chopped into chunks instead of shredded. They melt into pools of cheesy glory. This baked ziti is the is the great for postpartum meals and is perfect for bringing to new moms!
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a bowl filled with shrimp and bread next to the words traditional spanish praws in garlic
Traditional Spanish Prawns in a Garlic a Chilli Oil
This easy Pil Pil Prawns recipe is super quick and simple but totally delicious. A perfect Spanish supper dish and sunshine treat.
two plates filled with different types of food on top of each other and the words authentic tex mex air fried fajitas above them
The BEST Air Fryer Fajitas with Chicken
It's time to spice things up with a new recipe that's sure to make your taste buds dance. These air fryer fajitas are great for an EASY weeknight dinner the whole family will love! this recipe from The Travel Palate is made with tender chicken strips along with sliced bell peppers and onions. Serve with flour or corn tortillas and your favorite toppings like sour cream and pico de gallo for a classic meal that is quick and easy to make!
crab cakes with lemon wedges and parsley on top
Maryland Crab Cakes
These Maryland crab cakes have the perfect, authentic flavoring straight from a real Marylander! Serve these crab cakes as a super savory appetizer or side dish for any party or get-together! Everyone will enjoy these super incredible crab cakes, even the picky eaters!
some taco bread is cut in half and ready to be eaten with the text overlay reads so easy stuffed taco braid
Stuffed Taco Braid - so easy, great appetizer or main meal.
Stuffed Taco Braid - so easy, great appetizer or main meal.
shrimp, zucchini and pasta in a skillet with the words shrimp prima veggie
Shrimp Primavera
Shrimp primavera is a flavorful, veggie-packed meal that's easy to make any time of year. Pasta, shrimp, and fresh seasonal veggies are tossed in a light lemon sauce to make this easy dish.
chicken and dumplings recipe with text overlay
The ultimate cast iron comfort food! This easy chicken and dumplings recipe is a dinner-time classic; perfect for the cold weather months.
two pictures with different foods in them and the words nashville hot honey chicken sandwich on top
Nashville Hot Honey Chicken Slider Sandwiches
Crisp and spicy with tender meat inside, this Nashville Hot Honey Chicken Slider Sandwich recipe serves up delicious fried chicken coated with a hot honey sauce and topped with coleslaw and pickle slices on slider rolls.
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two pictures of baked dijon salmon on a plate with lemon wedges and parsley
Baked Dijon Salmon - The Lemon Bowl®
Wild salmon baked in a delicious Dijon sauce and crusted in panko breadcrumbs, all ready in under 20 minutes.