While there may be a variety of reasons to invest in black gold jewelry, many individuals choose this type of gold for its unique characteristics. Since white, rose and yellow gold rings have become so common over the years, a black gold ring is a real.

Gold stationery tools- by Midori

IVY & LIV - Office - Gold stationery tools- by Midori, Hay and a German brand I don't know the name of.

Fairina Cheng

Geometric oxidized sterling silver ring, unique statement jewelry - Negative/Positive collection Maybe something for Printer Chat?


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Acqua Stainless Steel Mirror clock by Bugatti

Like water droplets on endless loops, through time and time again, hours pass by, hypnotized by drip drops of time.

Emily McIntosh,    'Homeostasis II' 2012,    lathe worked solid glass, blown glass, linen thread,  130 x 23 x 12cm variable

Emily McIntosh, 'Homeostasis II' lathe worked solid glass, blown glass, linen thread, 130 x 23 x variable


Thévoz-Choquet's polished brass accessories are half-cast in transparent resin blocs, allowing one half to oxidize while the other remains pristine forever.

Gaetano Pesce

Golgotha Chair

Gaetano Pesce Golgotha chair Bracciodiferro S./Cassina Italy, 1974 Dacron filled and resin soaked fiberglass cloth w x d x h inches (Wright Chicago)