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Naman Spa / MIA Design Studio

Image 17 of 22 from gallery of Naman Spa / MIA Design Studio. Photograph by Oki Hiroyuki

Minimal Copper Airplant Holders

Minimal Copper Airplant Holders

DIY: Minimal Copper Airplant Holders All you need is a trip to the plumbing store and some airplants ~Allura Inspiration

Ekouin Nenbutsudo

Forming a refuge of tranquility in the heart of Tokyo, Yutaka Kawahara Design Studio has created the magical ‘Ekouin Nenbutsudo Temple’ veiled in trees.


thistle mound: a mound of thistles (dried echinops) tucked into a wooden vessel. Natural grey and soft blue colors mix with wood to create the simple composition of this thistle mound.


Chinese Money Plant, or Pancake Plant (Pilea peperomioides) (watermelon plant pot)

Green home book

Green Home Book: Styling plants the scandinavian way Styling Susanna Vento photography ©Riikka Kantikoski

green leaf | Monstera

Inspired by feelings of renewal, of stripping away and paring right back we're enchanted by a more minimal, serene approach to all things floral.

Jun Aoki designs M House in Tokyo with trapezoidal plan

Jun Aoki designs M House in Tokyo with trapezoidal plan Pinned to Garden Design - Courtyards by Darin Bradbury.