For the toy cubby door.   Alice in Wonderland Disney DOORKNOB Character Figure Resin Display Sign Prop. $54.25, via Etsy.

Alice in Wonderland Character Display Doorknob from Disney Movie Figure Sign Prop Door Knob Great Collectible NON-FUNCTIONAL

Buy Alice in Wonderland Disney DOORKNOB Movie Character Figure Display Sign Prop Door Knob Great Collectible at Wish - Shopping Made Fun

Cat and Lil - mini beach house for your backyard (or stylish kids' cubby house that could turn into a room for respite/relaxation when they grown up!)

A beach house for your backyard

Kids, be prepared to be turfed out of your own cubby. You've never seen kids cubby houses like this before. Designed by Cat+Lil Cubby Houses, the Beach Hou

Love this! It reminds me of my best friends 'playhouse' when I was a kid. We played in it all the time and had sleepovers in it. I always wanted something like this for my little girl to have.

One little boy's amazing cubby house

Adorable playhouse with loft, dormers and.a garage. Perfect for a boy and girl. i love the garage idea for mason and the patio for parking underneath. Ican't wait to start this project!

i think i wanna do this for my son but have all the outside toys in their too

Outdoor playroom- Create an outdoor playroom for the children with a summerhouse from Focus in the garden, and add simple, modern table and chairs from Ikea. Fill the room with handy storage units for toys and books and a brightly coloured rug.

Way to make "leveled" reading books...or instead of numbers write type of book...poetry, fiction, chapter book, etc

Need to find a place for these in baby boy's room. seem simple to build. The Sweet Survival: Mini Bookshelves for Sawyer's Room

the boo and the boy: outdoor kids' spaces

I love this idea . if your trees aren't strong enough to support a "traditional" tree house . this is a fun idea to build it around the base of the tree!

Miniature Yellow Farmhouse for the kids

La Petite Maison Cottage Playhouse, a little girl's dream house playhouse. Wish I was a little girl again.

Luscious childhood - - amazing outdoor playhouse

Childhood and sentimentality - myLusciousLife

Soo making my husband build this one day! Lots of Neat Ideas in this Post - Pure Style Home: Little Houses & The RTMC Playhouse Project

Kids play cottage

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