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HR Giger, Original concept art for Alien (1979)

This frightening creation from renowned artist Hans Rudolf Giger was the inspiration for the creatures in the Alien movie. Giger suffered from night terrors and his paintings are all to some extent inspired by his experiences with the sleep disorder.

Alien Monster IV H.R. Giger

Hans Rudolf “Ruedi” Giger is a Swiss surrealist painter, sculptor, and set designer. He won an Academy Award for Best Achievement for Visual Effects for his design work on the film Alien. Giger’s style and thematic execution have been highly influential.

HR Giger Still leaves my head broken.

Earthlings, prepare to be invaded! You have misread the Mayans and miscalculated our arrival. Horn and Missler misled you thinking we’d be invading earth on December The fact is we …

The Most Unforgettable Creations of H. R. Giger

Giger is an artist that was way fucking before his time, and his influence on underground and pop culture is HUGE! His art, in some ways, has shown the world where it was going before it even knew how to get there. He was able to mix fantasy with