Stunning door-like beverage storage designed by Retail Architects and Årstiderne…

thedpages: “ NINE WINE ROOMS - # 6 Door-like beverage storage designed by Retail Architects and Årstiderne Arkitekter. Photo by Mads Frederik.

Fabulous green accent

10 Stylish Spaces to Inspire You to Go Green

A little bit of KITCHEN WOW "The man at the subconscious level, surrounded by green things, feels much warmer and more comfortable" - THE DANDY DOCTOR -

French oak floors

:: Havens South Designs :: Exquisite Surfaces Floors- Our custom Aged French Oak floors are extremely popular with interior designers. The unique aging process renders stunning results with the look and patina of genuine antique French oak floors

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South Yarra - Playful Hex wall lights designed by Christopher Elliott Design on a wall clad in French Grey timber.