Hardware Lane, Melbourne CBD. Victoria Australia

The best coffee and cafes are found in the lane-ways of Melbourne, Australia. (Hardware Lane at Lunchtime) Melbourne laneways.

St Patrick's Cathedral, Melbourne

St Patrick's Cathedral Spires Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I was so lost and was walking in the 42 heat when I found this church and sat in the AC for almost 2 hours

Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia.

21 Breathtaking Coastlines To Add To Your Bucket List

21 Breathtaking Coastlines To Add To Your Bucket List including the Great Ocean Road, Victoria — Australia

The Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia

The Great Ocean Road- Australia, 151 miles of road between the Victorian cities of Torquary and Warrnambool. Built by returned soldiers between 1919 and it is the world's largest war memorial, dedicated to casualties of WWI.

Melbourne, Australia

High tuition fees and increased living costs mean every Australian city has fallen in this year’s rankings. But Melbourne still proves popular, with students making up a substantial of the total population.

Erected in 1936. Audrey the Skipping Girl in 1968 Then

Skipping Girl Vinegar - original little Audrey sign and related advertising with company name Nycander & Co who also traded as the Vinegar Company of Australia as embossed on the bottles.

Great Ocean Drive, Australia

Places I want to visit: One of the things I haven't seen in Australia, which I regret, the Great Ocean Drive (Australia)