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pink curtains hanging on the side of a white window sill in front of a wall
Simple Curtain Rod Update - Making Joy and Pretty Things
See how I did an ugly, brown, old curtain rod update to match our white and bright farmhouse-style girl's nursery complete with new rose knobs!
Jogging Bottoms, Best, Dacia, Months, Car, Joggers, 18 Months, Fleet
p6 Dacia Jogger review – 18 month long / extended test; “So, is the 2022 Jogger a good car, or not?”
an image of a car dashboard with the words how to blow out and do jogger battery low keycard fix
Dacia Jogger Duster Sandero key fob card / keycard low battery warning error fix / replace battery.
the fire is burning in the fireplace and it's not very hot or cold
A family favourite is our traditional Sunday open-hearth wood-burning fireplace in the winter months
a man sitting on top of a black table holding a pair of scissors next to a helmet
DIY Cheap homemade Motorcycle Motorbike Crash Helmet storage/system/rack/bracket/holder/hanger idea.
the measurements for a pipe and how to use it in your home or office area
DIY Polaroid Photo Booth | Making Joy & Pretty Things
a person is holding a black object in front of a white toilet with the lid up
Scorpion EXO 390 crash helmet — How to remove and refit visor.
Scorpion EXO 390 helmet – visor removal & fitting.
roasted butternut squash and seeds with text overlay
#HowToBloke cooks his roasted Butternut Squash pumpkin & toasted butternut squash seeds recipe.
the front end of a silver car with an indicator bulb fix
Renault Megane Scenic III — How to Fix|Change|Replace FRONT turn-signal indicator blinker bulb/lamp.
Check/Fix/Change/Replace FRONT indicator blinker bulb/lamp Renault Megan...
an egg pan is being cooked on the stove with text overlay that reads, poached egg pan
#HowToBloke about how to poach an egg using an egg poacher pan to make perfectly cooked poached eggs
#HowToBloke about how to poach an egg using a special poached egg pan to...
an old man is washing his car in the driveway while looking at something off camera
Check/Fix Renault Megane Scenic front indicator|turn|signal bulb — dash light flashing/clicking fast
the roof box is removed from the car's trunk and it has an arrow pointing up
#HowToBloke Dacia Jogger roof rack bar box top-box fitting / removal / storage tip.
#HowToBloke Dacia Jogger roof rack bar box top-box fitting / removal / s...
there are many blue containers stacked on top of each other
Question! "So, should I buy a Renault car or a Dacia car?"
an old dresser painted white with the words vintage farmhousee milk painted drawers on it
Vintage Farmhouse Milk Painted Drawers
A friend was going to throw these drawers out but luckily thought of me and that I might be able to do something with them. So with some Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint - Farmhouse White and my paintbrush I gave them a fun new look | Vintage Farmhouse Milk Painted Drawers | Full tutorial |