Felted Soap

All natural cold process pure olive oil soaps
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five small white balls with writing on them sitting on a marble surface in the shape of a wreath
Scented Felted soap is a soap and washcloth combined.1. Calendula Felted Soap 100g / bar ( heart shape) contains rbd coconut oil, calendula* infused australian extra virgin olive oil, oat
four small teddy bears wrapped in burlocks on a marble counter top with red ribbon
a stuffed koala in a mesh bag with a tag on it's ear
Koala felted pure olive oil soap
Koala, pure olive oil soap, unscented with goat's milk oats and honey
several different colored rocks on a white towel next to each other and one is orange
felted soap
four balls of yarn with tags on them
Felted soap with merino wool
three pictures of different types of animal faces on white material with black and orange accents
three handmade animal magnets are shown on a white surface
Madeit Australia
Felted Wool Soap 1x75 g
two handmade slippers with pictures of feet and birds on them, sitting on a wooden surface
two handmade bunny and chick magnets sitting on top of a wooden table
Buffalo Yogurt oats and honey castile felted soap - Handmade by RKL
two handmade felt toys are sitting on a wooden shelf, one has an owl and the other is a bird
Goat's milk oats and honey castile felted soap - Handmade by RKL