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Welcome to our Garden Party Wedding board, where every pin blooms with inspiration for your enchanting celebration amidst nature's beauty. From lush floral arrangements to whimsical décor ideas, let us guide you through creating an unforgettable day filled with romance and charm. 🌸💍 #MintedWeddings #GardenParty #WeddingInspiration
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a table topped with lots of plates and silverware
21 Granny Chic Wedding Ideas to Try If You Love Pastels and Flowers
a wedding card with flowers on it
Garland Monogram Wedding Invitations by Angela Marzuki | Minted
a woman holding a bouquet of white and yellow flowers in front of a gray wall
Ash / Film & Foliage on Instagram: "Why invest in flowers when they’re just going to die? Great question, I’m so glad you asked! Firstly, I would like to bring awareness to the music that will fade, the champagne that will leave you with a headache, dress you'll only wear once & makeup you’ll wash off 🤷🏼‍♀️ Secondly, have you ever wondered why flowers are incorporated into most special milestones in almost every culture? There are a couple of reasons, & it’s not just cuz they are beautiful!
a wedding card with a wreath on it
Foliage Crest Wedding Invitations by Everett Paper Goods | Minted
a person holding a bouquet of flowers and strawberries
8 Abstract Floral Designers You Should Be Following Right Now
8 Abstract Floral Designers You Should Be Following Right Now ⋆ Ruffled
a wedding card with yellow and blue flowers on the front, and green leaves on the back
Monogrammed Wedding Invitations by Petra Kern | Minted
a white and gold wedding card on top of a table
Ornate Frame Letterpress Wedding Invitations by Mansi Verma | Minted
a group of women standing next to each other in front of a bride and groom
Over The Moon Styled This Bride For Her Intimate, Orchid-Inspired Wedding at The Crow's Nest - Over The Moon
a blue and white wedding card with an elegant design on it's front cover
Royal Wedding Invitations by Petra Kern | Minted
the wedding program is printed on a white card
Floral Type Arch Foil-Pressed Wedding Invitations by Baumbirdy | Minted