What a great idea for a quick, inexpensive outdoor lighting fix.  Would also look great as wedding reception decor.

28 Outdoor Lighting DIYs To Brighten Up Your Summer Forget candles. These creative lighting ideas are a cheap and easy way to get your backyard beautiful for summer entertaining.

Fall Outfit

I have been wearing this outfit for years. It will never go out of style. Blue jeans, brown boots, white shirt and navy blazer. I think the white lace top cancels out the cowgirl feel. I always feel girly in white lace.

Wise Mind

venn diagram tattoo - Two worlds: we are all connected. Me, you, us - freedom in love

US$ 38.45 Vintage Women Two Pieces Set Straps 3/4 Sleeve Print Dresses

Gracila Vintage Women Two Pieces Set Straps Print Dresses is high-quality, see other cheap summer dresses on NewChic.

Vetiver oil history & uses infographic

This Anxiety-Fighting Oil Primes Your Brain to Better Deal with Stress

Vetiver oil improves ADHD, anxiety and brain health. Here are more benefits of vetiver oil, along with vetiver oil uses and interesting facts.

Guide to Magical Paths : Magickal Properties of Mugwort

Mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris) is an herb with many healing properties and magical uses Mugwort is a member of the powerful Artemis family.

Here's the Shocking Way the Food Industry Lies to You [Video]

Here's the Shocking Way the Food Industry Lies to You [Video]

Still trust the food industry, do you? Helena Norberg-Hodge joins Russell Brand for a jaw-dropping look at the truth on "The Trews.