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Travel Tip - Surviving 15 Hour Flights in Economy

Great tips! Many writers have recommended their top items for surviving long flights. I'm no exception. But no one has written an honest post on how to survive those long flights. In economy. With no in-sea.

Stairway To The Moon, Cable Beach,  located in Broome in the Kimberley region of Western Australia, 2200 km north of Perth. It is the place to view the stairway to the moon where a receding tide and a rising moon combine to create a stunning natural phenomenon.  by Christian Fletcher

I took almost the same picture on the east coast of Australia as the moon rises above Bagara. "Stairway To The Moon”, Cable Beach, Broome, North Western Australia

Waterfall in the Kimberley, Australia

Waterfall in the Kimberley, Australia Western Australia and guys, I know that I live on the eastern coast but really Western Australia is a lot better - less tourists

There is nothing worse than digging to the bottom of your backpacking backpack to find that clean pair of socks. These 6 travel backpacks will help you be more organized and comfortable on the road. #travel  #backpacks #hiking

Easy Packing: The Best Carry-on Travel Backpacks

As I was planning for my Belize trip, I decided it was time to invest in a new travel backpack. Up until now, my go-to pack has been my Deuter ACT Lite backpack for longer trips when I’m

Up north in the Kimberleys - Western Australia

A River Red Gum frames the Parachilna Creek & view to the ABC Range - Flinders Ranges, South Australia

The Big Hole Kimberley INFO

The Big Hole Diamond Mine, Kimberley, South Africa.

The Kimberley Australia, endangered Quoll,so sad, we need to share the planet!

The eastern quoll, also known as the eastern native cat, is a medium-sized carnivorous dasyurid marsupial native to Australia. They are now considered extinct on the mainland, but remain widespread and even locally common in Tasmania.