This set of 5 QKLG posters are beautiful to display on walls, in portfolios and in programs. They contain the learning areas, activities and links to relevant theorists

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custom letters from Quality Improvement Plan EYLF NQS NQA NQF

Children's Grants provides a collection of resources on foundation and government support of children.

Pin 10 - Having a QIP (quality improvement plan) area would be able to ensure that the educators are learning too. This would also display to parents the learning that educators are doing to make the centre better for the children.

Question of the month display

Another parents wall item. Parent engagement is so important. Small things like this can help parents and teachers communicate better.

How to display the QIP for families

Ok, so when I set out to create our Quality Improvement Plans for my room I was baffled by what I had to do. I had no idea where to star.

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