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Royal Purple Smoke Tree

The Royal Purple Smoketree is a wonderful choice for bringing vibrant color into your garden without increasing your gardening work. This easily grown large bush will be happy even in dry, rocky soil, and it grows into a rounded bush about 10 feet tall, and as much across. The foliage emerges in spring a brilliant purple-red color, and becomes plum-purple all summer and into fall, without fading. All summer long it is crowned with a remarkable cloud of smoky-pink, coming from fine hairs that…

Eucalyptus sp.

Eucalyptus sp. Common name: eucalyptus, gum tree Family: Myrtaceae Leaf: evergreen, broad lanceolate, petiolate, alternate, waxy or glossy green, with prominent central vein. Interesting enough, leaves of seedlings/ young plants are opposite, sessile and glaucous Flowers: have numerous, showy, fluffy stamens, in white, yellow, pink, cream or red, apetalous, blooming mid-summer to mid autumn Fruit: woody fruits or capsules are cone-shaped Habit: evergreen tree; Form: irregular, open, somewhat…

Mediterranean Spurge — Adam Robinson Design

Euphorbia characias It’s a great accent or focal point plant and is also great for borders and rock and gravel gardens.

Leucospermum Scarlet Ribbon

Leucospermum Scarlet Ribbon

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Magnolia 'Elizabeth'

A cold-hardy Magnolia with fragrant yellow blooms appearing before the foliage.

Saucer Magnolia

Beautiful lawn tree with huge, saucer-shaped white blooms, pink on outside, on bare branches in late winter into early spring. Spectacular show on spreading, multi-trunked form. Terrific anchor or frame plant for landscapes. Deciduous. Full sun. Fast grower to 20 to 25 feet tall, 25 to 30 feet wide; smaller as a shrub. Cutting grown.

Felix® Magnolia

Magnificent 12-inch, highly fragrant hot pink flowers add exceptional beauty to the early spring landscape - as many as 100 blooms on a single mature tree each year. Its smaller stature with an upright, pyramidal form and attractive light green foliage is

Magnolia Rustica Rubra - Potted Tulip Tree - Garden Plants

Magnolia Rustica Rubra is a smashing small tree that will make a wonderful specimen contained in a nice planter or set out in the garden. Rustica Rubra is sought after thanks to its ability to bloom twice every year - in Spring

Choosing and Caring for Magnolia Trees in Containers

The magnolia is a great, show-stopping tree. Consider its characteristics and growing habits if you plan to grow it in a pot.

Rose Marie Magnolia

A fantastic hybrid, valued for its prolific, very late and long blooming habit. Frost-hardy buds open to large, exquisitely shaped, bright pink blooms with a lemony fragrance, providing a show for up to six weeks in spring, nearly four weeks after other v