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Macaroons Thermomix: Recipe of French Macarons

Macaroons Thermomix: Recipe of French Macarons

How beautiful are these Macarons ? So cheerful to look at as well, they're always a success! They are a French production delicacy, but someone c…

Thermomix Indian Flat Bread (Roti)

Indian Flat Bread – Roti

Makes 16 roti (easily halved) This tasty and traditional flat bread can be served with any curry. They’re super quick and super simple and freezer friendly too. They’re vegan, use just …

Gluten Free Pizza Base - Quirky Cooking

I’m so excited – I’ve finally come up with a great gluten free pizza base! I’ve tried lots of different recipes, but this one has been the best so far. It’s lovely and crispy, but not too hard, and definitely not crumbly (like so many gluten free recipes are). It’s delicious as Pizza Bianca – […]

Quirky Cooking: Coconut Caramel Custard

Coconut Caramel Custard - Quirky Cooking

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Coconut caramel custard with bananas & macadamias A reader told me the other day that she had been searching everywhere for my coconut caramel custard recipe on Facebook but couldn’t find it… Well, we can’t have that! This is so yummy (and quick and easy) that it really needs to be on my blog […]

Thermomix Croissant Recipe

Thermomix Croissant Recipe

Home-made brioche croissants made with my Thermomix always cheer up my family's breakfast :-) They are so simple, you really make them in a flash…

Quirky Cooking: Dairy Free Raw Chocolate

Dairy Free Raw Chocolate - Quirky Cooking

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You may have noticed I’m a bit of a chocolate addict – good chocolate, that is, not the cheap ‘chocolate-flavoured’ stuff – I love REAL chocolate, with cacao butter and 70% organic cocoa and natural sweeteners. As I mentioned in my first post about making my own chocolate, I really try and avoid refined sugar, […]

Thermomix Chicken Roulade with Quinoa

Thermomix Chicken Recipe steamed in Varoma

Thermomix Chicken recipe for steamed roulade in Varoma with ham, onions and quinoa with a wine-based sauce.

Quirky Cooking: Marike's Coconut Flour Brownies

Marike's Coconut Flour Brownies - Quirky Cooking

I was browsing through photos on Instagram the other day and some coconut flour brownies caught my eye. They looked delicious, and were not only made without grains, but were also dairy free and sweetened with rapadura – just my style. So I asked hopefully for the recipe and Marike, who developed the recipe herself, was […]

Thermomix beetroot pancake for veggie spirals

Veggie Pancake Spirals (Thermomix Recipe) - Thermomix Super Kitchen Machine |

Here we use the power of Thermomix to fun with veggie pancake spirals. Too easy -- just add a filling of choice to suit any season or occasion!

Nat's Thermomixen in the Kitchen: Sticky Pear Ginger Cake | Thermomix Recipes

Sticky Pear Ginger Cake | Thermomix Recipes

This has been one of my family favourite recipes for years, so I adapted it to simplify it for the Thermomix. It tastes amazing warm or ...

Breakfast Buckwheat and Spelt Pancakes | Thermomix just made them and were delish...

Breakfast Buckwheat and Spelt Pancakes | Thermomix just made them and were delish...

Quirky Cooking: Raw Vegan Chocolate Mousse

Quirky Avocado Chocolate Mousse - Quirky Cooking

It's like chocolate cream only creamier. It's a mixture between a mousse and a semifreddo. The flavour actually reminds me of the Milo ice-cream I loved as a kid, only better! (Did you love that too?) So don't be put off by the quirky ingredients and lack of sugar - even the fussiest will love this one... unless they find out it has avocado in it - shhhh. ;-) And no, it's not just the usual vegan chocolate mousse made from avocado and cacao powder. It's quirkier. You'll see.

Quirky Cooking: Almond Butter Choc Chip Cookies

Almond Butter Choc Chip Cookies - Quirky Cooking

This is a recipe I developed years ago, that I make now and then for a treat – they can be made gluten-free or with spelt flour, and they’re really yummy – just ask the kids 🙂 If you’d like to make your own gluten-free flour, I have a recipe on this page: Wheat Substitutes. […]

Quirky Cooking: Quick Maple Pecan Cinnamon Scrolls

Quick Maple Pecan Cinnamon Scrolls - Quirky Cooking

*This recipe has Paprika support*