Theta healing

Vibrational Manifestation - Heal your mind and body with Theta Healing, the most powerful healing modality I have ever experienced! Bird Watcher Reveals Controversial Missing Link You NEED To Know To Manifest The Life You've Always Dreamed

Ten Tips for a Healthy Spine

It's Healthy Spine Week February and the focus this year is how to obtain and maintain a healthy spine. Research says us that 80 % of us will suffer from debilitating back pain at some stage of ou - Ten Tips for a Healthy Spine

Crystal Healing - Mark Crossland

Audio File with Mark Crossland and Crystal Healing

Your Body has the Answer -Elizabeth Hughes, Progressive Kinesiologist

You might have heard of muscle testing, you might have tried it yourself or had some one do it for you, you may have even seen a kinesiologist. For Modalities this week Mary-Lou Stephens spoke to Eliz - Modalities -Progressive Kinesiology

How often do you notice your shoulders rolling forward when you're at your desk?    By changing a few simple things to your posture you could be adding years to your life.

Risk Factors for Low Bone Mass in Men - Fracture and Bone Mineral Density in Men - Health tips

Dominique Finney. Australia's Herbalist of the Year.

Dominique Finney is a very busy woman. She's the Australian Herbalist of the year, has just completed her Masters in Public Health, she is a naturopath and nutritionist and programs the Folk Medic - Modalities - Dominique Finney

Feldenkrais Dr Moshe Feldenkrais was trained in mechanical and electrical engineering. But it was his interest in martial arts, and a knee injury, that provided the impetus for him to devise the Feldenkrais Method. Mary-Lou Stephens asked Feldenkrais facilitator Brad Thompson what was it about this Modality that appealed to him.

Today we're checking out a modality that was invented by a bloke with a bung knee. Dr Moshe Feldenkrais was trained in mechanical and electrical engineering. But it was his interest in martial art - Modalities -The Feldenkrais Method

Soul Regression Therapy with Lorna and John Jackson.

Lorna and John Jackson are qualified in spiritual regression, clinical hypnother - Modalities - Soul Regression Therapy

Body Consciousness devised by Jules O'Neill

It's not often that we get to speak to the person who actually devised a modality but this week for Modalities Mary-Lou spoke with Jules O'Neill who has spent over 20 years developing somethin - Modalities - Body Consciousness with Jules O'Neill

Shiatsu with Andrew Hoge

Have you ever had a shiatsu session? For Modalities this week Mary-Lou Stephens caught up with shiatsu practitioner Andrew Hoge. You'll find out but - Modalities -Shiatsu with Andrew Hoge

Tricia Brennan - The Map of the Soul

Tricia Brennan - The Map of the Soul

Renate Ogilvie - Buddhist Psychotherapist

Meditation is growing in popularity all over the world - it's even taught in major businesses and multi-nationals to help improv - Modalities: Renate Ogilvie - Buddhist Psychotherapist

Reflexology and more with Diane Livingstone

Diane Livingstone became fascinated by reflexology after she left nursing to embark on a new career. She works with the energeti - Modalities - Reflexology with Diane Livingstone

Blossom Benedict. Right Voice for You

It might be a toast at a wedding or it may be a talk in front of colleagues. Studies show that speaking in front of ot - Blossom Benedict -Right Voice For You

Cameron Aggs fron Mindfulness Training Australia

When you think of mindfulness what do you think of? How can mindfulness be part of our everyday lives? Cameron Aggs is the Director of Mindfulness Training Australia, he& - Modalities -Mindfulness