The Truth About Tim Winton

I was asked to interview the famous Australian writer Tim Winton for a literary event. His latest book, a memoir called The Boy Behind the Curtain, was being released and he was hitting the road on a.

Scraping Off The Barnacles

Scraping Off The Barnacles

Scrabble makes friends of strangers, enemies of friends and binds like-minded souls in a pleasure that cannot be experienced by the uninitiated.

The Miserable Joy of Eeyore.

Eeyore has a penchant for gloomy ruminations, or so says Tigger. I adore Eeyore, so much like my first dad. I miss him and all these Eeyore sayings sure do sound like him :)

Freedom. Or Perks?

If I get a bit huffy from time to time because I used to be someone, I hope I remember that I much prefer the someone that I am now.

Eat More Cake...and Merry Christmas

The Hubby and I had the conversation we had to have a few weeks ago. About cake.

Burning Up

All of us who've been close to fire never forget it. A huge red sun low in the sky made our home feel like an alien planet.

Do The Mashed Potato

"Mashed Potato Time" *** Dee Dee Sharp - Loved the mashed potato - such a fun dance!

How I Discovered One of Australia's Best Selling Authors

Photo and information on the Flinders Ranges in South Australia

The Song That Broke The Band

Some songs stay with you for a lifetime. Some songs change your life.

How to Get Into Writers Festivals for Nothing

Love writers festivals but can't afford to go?

My writing space #writing #amwriting

My writing space

When a woman was being bashed at the pub, Mary-Lou intervened. It cost her a black eye and her boyfriend who did nothing.

"The standard you walk past is the standard you accept" - bravery of this woman

On the Anniversary of my Mother's Birthday

On the Anniversary of my Mother’s Birth

Fear of Commitment Can Feel Like It's Real. It's Not

Fear of Commitment Can Feel Like It's Real.