Tuckpoint bricks are process of removing old, deteriorating and decayed mortar with new one. Brick tuckpointing process helps to make your home looks fresh like new one. Professional repoint bricks process help to match colors with building existing colors. Repoint service help to increase life of your home structure.

The Brick Pointing Team specialises in Professional Mortar Replacement - we remove the old, deteriorating and decayed mortar and replacing it with new mortar - to give your house a fresh new look and restore it to its original integrity.

New tuckpointing

Brickwork Restoration is a leading tuckpointing, brick repointing & mortar repair business. Experts in repointing brickwork & weak mortar repair.

Period home provides a standard tuckpointing services in Sydney and NSW region. Tuckpointing Sydney by Period Home has most experienced team members, who works gently and give a better finishing touch in their work. Color matching mortars are used to give an artificial impression that very fine joints have been made.

Oldest Tuckpointing, Brick Restoration Repointing company in NSW. This is what we do: restore bricks on heritage buildings & apartments.