Australia's Prime Ministers

This is a comprehensive guide to key figures in the Federation of Australia

Prime Ministers of Australia - National Archives of Australia

This is a comprehensive guide to key figures in the Federation of Australia

Parliament of Australia

Legal Process: Knowing the Legal Process in Australia is an important part of being an informed citizen. Students who study Legal Studies will have the benefit of learning about this and what it means in Australia.

Australian women in politics

Vida Goldstein was an early Australian feminist politician who campaigned for women's suffrage and social reform. She was the first woman in the British Empire to stand for election to a national parliament.

List of  Australian politicians

List of Australian politicians

Past Western Australian Premiers

Past Premiers - 2013 Western Australian Election

Australia's Prime Minsters

Australia's Prime Minsters

Fact Sheets on the Australian Prime Minsters from the Museum of National Democracy

Australian Prime Ministers brings together cultural, community and contemporary resources from around the nation for the most complete picture of Australia’s

Biographies for some Australian Prime Ministers from the 'Civics & Citizenship' website.

Lower Primary Getting Involved: Volunteers at our school Rules for Games, School and in the Community Online Interactives Community Club (Scholastic Books, USA) Freedom to Choose (Parliamentary Education Office, Parliament of Australia)

Prime Ministers of Australia - National Museum of Australia

Short feature pages on Australia's prime ministers to Malcolm Turnbull. A classroom resource for teachers and students written for students up to year eight.