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Love how these simple things to say and do truly convey a message of support and empathy. I would add that it's ok to feel the way you do. I say this because it is ok to not be ok and to not have a specific reason why you are not ok.

JUST A NOTE. I love this quote.I have PTSD. Unless you 'know' what its like, some people do not feel comfortable being touched. I know, I feel extreme anxiety. Please fight and get help!

Wish everyone knew this...someone's kids need to know this. too bad their mother has taught them that their attention must be bought. that should work well in the real world.

There's a good passivity in life, one you learn to exercise with time. If people want you in their life, after you've shown and done your part, they will make it clear to you. Simplicity is always an active positive ingredient in human relationships.