Lumberjack Cake, Australia | apple and date cake with caremelised coconut shreds

Lumberjack Cake - Old fashioned apple and date cake with a caramelised coconut topping.

Ystervarkies, RPA

Ystervarkies, Eintlik is dié lekkerte Australies, maar omdat my ouma dit só lekker gemaak het, is dit vir my pure Suid-Afrikaans!

Lamington Cake, Australia

Lamington cake

Lamington cake recipe - Need to bring a plate to an Australia Day barbie? This cake couldn't be more fitting.

Grater Cake, Jamaica | coconut squares

Jamaican Grater cake/ Pink on Top- A traditional snack, made with grated coconut and sugar, perfect for that sweet tooth!

Cupavci, Bosnia

Croatian lamingtons or Cupavci is sponge cake made with custard, chocolate, & coconut - Delicious! My co-worker from Serbia makes them all the time!

Rafaello, Poland | salty cracers, cream pudding and shreded coconuts

Rafaello z adwokatem

Rafaello with eggnog cake - this recipe comes is in English with other multiple language options.

Kókuszos Krémes, Hungary | coconut cream slices

Kókuszos Krémes, Hungary | coconut cream slices