Pokemon ring!

Say "I choose you" in the most romantic way possible with the Pokemon engagement ring. It boasts an eye-catching design with a karat diamond Pokeball surrounded by a tasteful jewel encrusted band. It's a ring worthy of a true Pokemon master's spouse.


This is awesome. Batman wedding ring by Takayas Mizuno. white gold wedding ring with black bats and diamond accents on Custom Made.

Pokemon ring

Check out some of the most geeky wedding rings in the market. Double helix eing, engagement rings and some more can be listed as some of the nerdy engagement rings in town. If your partner is geeky enough, such rings can be a perfect engagement ring.

Multiple fandom rings

harry potter doctor who disney lord of the rings sherlock supernatural Downton Abbey once upon a time Merlin fandom rings

Nintendo controller ring

That's not what a Nintendo controller's plug looks like! This is the Nintendo controller promise ring designed by Paul Michael Design (of Wonder Woman, Pokeball and Triforce ring fame). Why a Nintendo controller for a promise ring?


Engagement rings and wedding bands modeled after the sacred Triforce relic from the Legend of Zelda. I want this to be my wedding ring. Is that a bad thing?


Zelda Ocarina Of Time Zora Sapphire Engagement Ring. If I were to get proposed to I hope he has this ring but white gold lol

Transformers ring

Not gonna lie, this is pretty much the raddest engagement ring in human history!