I love the lights and sleek cabinet drawers with no handles... all white with polished floorboards is also a classic winner.

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Photo of a modern island kitchen using hardwood from the kitchen image galleries - Kitchen photo Browse hundreds of images of modern kitchens & photos of island kitchen designs.

Kitchen décor ideas | Black, white and timber décor accents | Black hexagon splashback | Recessed lighting | Source: Niche Design & Build ♥ visit www.wishtank.co.za for more home décor ideas and inspiration

Split Solitary Custom Home - Niche Design & Build Split - Kitchen Detail White and timber, black hexagon feature tiles with recessed lighting Niche Design & Build


Architect Visit: Pivot Door Roundup

Pivot center door of glass. Thought I was novel creating this in an architecture class. Then I saw a wooden, center pivot door with windows from ancient China!

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