Patio Vine 'Syrah' Vitis vinifera 'Syrah' You don’t need an orchard - you can now even grow grapes on the patio or decking with this variety. The rootstock has deliberately been kept small so that it can be planted in a pot. Order now and look forward

Rock bonsai

A close-up of a part of a penjing style planting from the World Bonsai Friendship Federation Convention that took place in China last month

Mini bonsai

Japan's admiration for all things delicate and small is fairly well-known, especially within the practice of Bonsai art. But the new trend of cho-mini Bonsai, or ultra-small Bonsai trees, gives new meaning to the term miniature. Cho-mini Bonsai are no 52

Chili pepper tree!

Fairy Tree-What can be more creative and versatile hobby and art than growing a chile pepper from a seed to a bonsai chile tree? (Personally, I don't think I have the patience to do this myself, but totally admire the work of art they are!


One the most beautiful bonsai trees that I have ever seen.

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