McLeod's Daughters - Seizoen 1

It's not strictly costume drama, but one of my favorite series.

Windmill , bath and solar powered fairylights!

Drovers run - McLeods daughters - Australia

windmill/bathtub from McLeod's Daughters

Love all the crazy t-shirts everyone wore on the show. McLeods Daughters, Tess and Claire. Great tv, show.

Lisa Chappell as Claire McLeod

The tree Drovers Run

The tree Drovers Run

McLeods Daughters - probably the greatest tv show of all time

McLeod's Daughters -  Claire McLeod

McLeod's Daughters - The Complete Third Season

Mcleod's Daughters, Tes, Feminism, Claire, Fandom, Fandoms

Claire and Tess

Claire and Tess

Mcleod's Daughters, Heartland, Claire, Fandom, Fandoms

Claire, we miss you girl!

Die Farm von "McLeods Töchter": Luxus-Urlaub auf "Drovers Run"

McLeod's Daughters series property's with brick mortared wall around side, kitchen garden?

Mcleod's Daughters, Claire, Lisa