Mortlock Library -  Adelaide, South Australia.

The Mortlock Library, Adelaide, South Australia. It's literally on my door step, and I've been able to explore and enjoy this stunning library.

Part of a complex that includes a wooden toy factory and a wildlife park, the Big Rocking Horse is situated in the Adelaide Hills town of Gumeracha. The Big Rocking Horse is one of over 150 Big Things in Australia

The Big Rocking Horse is a tourist attraction located in the town of Gumeracha, South Australia. Designed by David McIntosh, the structure weighs 25 tonnes and stands at over 18 metres tall,

Jacaranda street carpet in Adelaide, Australia (by Gadget Man). Beautiful.

Jacaranda street carpet in Adelaide, Australia (by Gadget Man). Although no a native these trees put on one of the best street shows of purple flowers in Adelaide. They can be found in a number of locations and gardens in Sout Australia.

Australia Day

Freshwater Beach by Nick Obrien for Local Yarn, AussieVault by the Australia Day Council of New South Wales

If prizes for Halloween costumes were handed out in the world of nature, this scary skull-faced creepy-crawly would surely win. This extraordinary specimen is the larvae of the pink underwing moth, an endangered species only found in the Australian rainforest. Luckily, botanist ecologist and photograper Lui Weber managed to snap the rare caterpillar,

he extraordinary "Skull Caterpillar" is the larvae of the pink Underwing Moth, an endangered species fighting for its life in the Australian rainforest.

Rundle Street, Adelaide

A collection of old postcards of Adelaide, South Australia.