Chicken liver pate

A rich, silky smooth chicken liver parfait, flavored with lavender. Enjoy it with a warm slice of brioche and a glass of wine, next to a burning fire.

Healthy Holiday Indulgence!   Orange and Almond cake – gluten free!

Gluten Free Persian orange + almond cake - I love polenta gf cakes. They are so moist and delicious. Only thing is they don't last long, you need to make two!

Top Foods To Fight Inflammation And Help Joint Pain

With chronic inflammation being regarded by many as the "silent killer" we need to focus on reducing the foods that cause inflammation and increase the consumption of anti-inflammatory foods. Here are a few foods with good anti-inflammatory properties.

Cocoa and Banana Balls

Why not reward yourself with some Coconut Covered Chocolate Energy Balls Orbs.

Grilled lamb chops with a sun dried tomato and olive gratin

Lamb chops with Indian spices. One of the top-selling dishes at London's Tamarind restaurant, Alfred Prasad creates an Indian-inspired lamb dish, served with fresh mint.