Commonly Misspelled Words

Affect vs. Effect Grammar Rules

Commonly misspelled English words - Created by Your Dictionary, a super user-friendly online dictionary and thesaurus, the chart lists words that are most commonly misused and misspelled. Drives me nuts.

There are several advanced features of MailChimp (many of them FREE) that you can use to truly grow your brand. Here are 11 things I can't live without from my #email list service: How to Use MailChimp to Grow Your Brand.

How to Use MailChimp to Grow Your Brand - by Regina

11 amazing features of MailChimp and how to use MailChimp to grow your brand. How to set up RSS to email, automatic emails, A& testing, and more.

4 mistakes I was making on my about page (and how to fix them!)

20 Media Kit Examples for Bloggers from The Blog Maven #blogging

Are you a publisher without a media kit? Here's 20 different examples of media kits to give you ideas on creating your own media kit.

How to SEO a blog post - Ask Anna

These SEO tips are easier than you might think and you’ll notice a difference in your traffic right away!