Pods and Leaves

Love the design potential of pods and seeds.
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a necklace made out of paper with different designs on it
Midnight Summer Dream
pair of black and white earrings with circular design on the front, hanging from silver earwires
I bet I could make these with a sharpie marker, a hole punch, shrinkydinks and a pair of cheap hoops!
many different shapes and sizes of stones on a white surface with black, red, yellow, and brown designs
Cutting Edge Beads
Cutting Edge Beads by Dan Cormier, via Flickr.
an art print with different types of leaves
CARDS & FABRICS - eloise renouf
print & pattern: CARDS & FABRICS - eloise renouf
an image of sliced bananas with spiral design on them in close up view to the center
Banana trunk cross-section
Banana trunk cross-section by detengase, via Flickr
several different types of sea urchins are shown on a gray surface, including one that has been carved into the shape of a starfish
ceramic coral inspired jewelry
two red heart shaped ornaments hanging from strings
Taka Clip
Source: flickr.com - http://www.flickr.com/photos/28412635@N08/8281627867/in/photostream
a white bowl sitting on top of a table next to a shadow from the floor
A Lighthouse Called Kanata - Contemporary Japanese Art
Yasuko Sakurai | 'Large Flower':: “Fired Earth, Woven Bamboo” celebrates contemporary Japanese decorative arts at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston.
an overhead view of a flower in the dark
55054.01 Protea
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Ocean 40 - Metal Clay Pendant by Hadar Jacobson Jewellery, Metal Jewellery, Bijoux, Pmc Jewelry, Bunga, Jewelry Art, Jewelry, Jewelry Crafts
Hadar’s Blog
Ocean 40 - Metal Clay Pendant by Hadar Jacobson
an image of some kind of coral on the water with red and white dots around it
an assortment of seashells arranged in a circle on a beige surface with light coming from above
Alice Ballard's series of textured clay pods
Alice Ballard's series of textured clay pods by le.july
a group of metal leaves sitting on top of a white counter
for ARTS SAKE: Photo
for ARTS SAKE: Photo
schmookville: ODE TO ERNST HAECKEL Made from hammered copper. Ernst Haeckel, Essenza, Silversmithing, Kunst, Objects, Pods, Work, Bricolage
schmookville: ODE TO ERNST HAECKEL Made from hammered copper.
three purple and green snails on a stick
rote spirale
medicago seeds