White chocolate panna cotta with berries

White Chocolate Panna Cotta with Berries by Taste. Panna cotta is a classic crowd-pleaser - this one features white chocolate and a sweet berry compote.

Bean, basil and feta salad

Bean Salad (Green beans, cannelini beans, feta cheese and add some cranberries for a festive feel). I added some dried cranberries and the sweetness worked well with the dish.

Cucumber rolls stuffed with feta

This stylish starter is dressed to impress. Use goat cheese in place for feta for a fat burning treat.

Tandoori lamb

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Radish tzatziki with pita triangles

Prawn skewers with hazelnut dukkah and mint yoghurt

Barbecued prawn skewers with hazelnut dukkah & delicious new Moo Dahi Indian-style Yoghurt!

Braised asparagus and zucchini with fetta