Free "Books" Clipart. 18 PNG images, each is 300dpi in Black & White, colored with colored outlines and colored with black outlines

18 PNG images, each in black & white, colored with colored outlines and colored with black outlines.


Bloom's Digital Taxonomy Pyramid in an interactive site. It displays how applications and tools fit into the Bloom's Taxonomy Pyramid.

beach chairs

My Grandfather used to make Adirondack Chairs (amongst many other things). With my love of color, these are my dream group of Adirondack Chairs for the Tropics!


This picture has to do with conducting research. The first step to conducting research is thinking critically about ideas and topics to research for. This picture represents that

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Doctor Web is a Russian IT-security solutions vendor developing Dr.Web anti-virus for businesses and personal use, as well as anti-virus as a service since

children reading

Looking for a summer reading program that goes beyond summer? this is a great program and they even do school fundraisers. geared for through grade reading levels.


Our Founding Fathers believed they owed their liberty to God Almighty and they owed it to that same God and their country to secure the blessings of liberty, at the cost of death if necessary.


Paul Preston EXCLUSIVE: Pathway to the Impeachment of President Barrack H. Obama, Obstruction of Justice

We read in our house

James Patterson, yes, that James Patterson has a foundation promoting reading by our children . This is one of the slogans they are using.

passport to adventure

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boy tired of reading

boy tired of reading

AR Book Finder

AR Book Finder