The 6 Types Of Assessments (And How They're Changing)

The Educational Assessment landscape Infographic - 6 types of assessments to include formative and summative

Australian Teachers - The Curriculum Year Planner now includes a planner designed around your school calendar.     Curriculum Year Planners and Weekly Digital planners. Every little bit we teachers can do to make things easier and more organized is always a HUGE plus. Being able to customize things to suit your needs while using your own fabulous fonts and colors you love is just plain icing on the cake! :D For grades k-12!

First Week of School - Been There, Done That

Keep all of your weekly plans in one file. Type in your basics once then add your weekly details on a sheet for each week. Lesson plan book can be printed and/or saved on your computer.

Australian Curriculum - great resource

Discovering History Lower Primary Teacher Resource for Foundation - Year Fantastic guide for teaching Australian Curriculum: History.

ASTA has produced 15 online Units of Work supporting #AC: #Science students in yrs F-10. The units were written by experienced teachers using resources available freely online and through Scootle, in a project funded by DEEWR through Education Services Australia. via Barbara Braxton

The Australian Science Teachers Association (ASTA) in partnership with Education Services Australia (ESA) has prepared 15 units of work to s.

Australian National Curriculum Resources F-6

Australian National Curriculum Resources Terrific resources and graphic organisers for each of the modes of the English curriculum - narrative writing analysis, reading/viewing, listening/speaking, writing

Australian Curriculum Lessons

All lesson meet the Australian curriculum. Provides great lesson ideas and resources to help teach the Australian Curriculum Technology. All curriculum codes are listed within lesson plans or sequences.

Access Scootle: Learn, teach and collaborate using digital resources to support the Australian Curriculum

Scootle provides Australian teachers with access to more than quality-assured digital learning resources aligned to the Australian Curriculum.

Everybody is a genius.... - Albert Einstein  #quote #quotes #funny #inspiration #inspire #motivation #motivate #funnyquotes #inspirationalquotes #motivationalquotes

albert einstein quote: "everybody is a genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid".I want to put this in my classroom!

Professional Learning

“The Framework is developed to help teachers achieve their ultimate goal: improved outcomes for all young people”