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#DoctorWho,First and Last Words

First and Last Words Of The Doctors. Eleven's last lines: "I won't forget one line of this, I swear. I will never forget when The Doctor was me." Twelves first: "Kidneys! I've got new kidneys! I don't like the colour!

Shout out to whoever made this, you're a genius for making us cry!! :'(

*Spoiler* If you haven't gotten that far in Doctor Who. But when I found out that he was The Face of Boe, I kind of figured it out before, but it was still a big surprise. The people of BBC really do know what they are doing.

hahah yep!

Love the difference between them. Nine is exasperated and long-suffering, with that hint of "I can't believe this." Ten is shocked and indignant, and already wary of Mrs. Jones cause it had happened with the last companion's mom.